Fees and charges for Cancer Research UK's Relay For Life event and fundraising pages

How much of your donation comes to Cancer Research UK

You have the right to know exactly what happens to your donations. That's why we're being transparent on our fees.

Payment processing fee

A payment processing fee is deducted from your donation. This is the fee charged by your credit or debit card provider, or by PayPal UK when you donate. The fee varies depending on how you choose to pay.

Supplier fees

Cancer Research UK uses a third party supplier which is a private company to provide the technology behind the Relay For Life website. This supplier charges a 2% transaction fee on each donation that is made on the Relay For Life event and fundraising pages.

What that looks like

As an example, if you donated 10 and chose to add Gift Aid, Cancer Research UK would get:
Your donation +10
Payment processing fee ~0.89%* -0.09
Transaction fee 2% -0.20
Gift Aid +2.50
Total donation 12.21

*Fees vary depending on whether you use American Express (4%), another credit or debit card (0.89% on average), or PayPal UK (1.4% + 20p per transaction)